Deployment Solution

Have your software up and running in weeks with Zavin’s deployment solutions

Every business is different, technology is ever changing, competition is fierce. In keeping up with the demand to improve organizational processes, our deployment solutions can help business with simple but powerful and affordable proposition. The rapid deployment solution features pre-packaged business application components which gives value across multiple business functions that can be deployed quickly and easily. You can deploy one or many applications across user roles and lines of business, including finance, human resources, student information, sales, customer relations, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, identity and add on as your business needs change.

  • Improve and simplify business functions
  • Productive use of business process
  • Complete environment for on-premise or cloud environments
  • Proven setup process, pre-configured software functionality
  • Versatile business scope options with predictable time-frame

Get up and running quickly with a comprehensive, quick-to deploy solution.

Technology Consulting

Business is evolving, new opportunity is at hand. Every business needs to innovate in order to stay competitive. At CNK Dynamics we can draw up strategic planning, scoping, implementation services, and project road maps with your business process and automation. This will provide both strategic and operational IT requirements for your business as it will be at the forefront of each of these services as they are carried out by experts in the fields of business modeling, data architecture, applications infrastructure, and technical infrastructure.

Above all, we have years of expertise in successfully implementing projects through which guarantees faster and smoother implementation process.

Training Services

In a world of fast-changing operations, rapidly advancing technology and dynamic markets, it is essential to keep your staff up to speed with developments in technology. People who are given proper training and support in their professional development are likely to be more motivated, proud of their position and responsibilities and more skillful, knowledgeable and productive. Our training and development solutions are designed to help organizations and individuals improve their technical skills to help sustain their business and development process giving leverage to use the power and simple use of Zavin platform.

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